How will my windows benefit from the BRILA Window Coating system?

BRILA Window Coating is a highly durable coat which directly forms a chemical bond between fluorine and glass without binders, whilst also creating a long lasting water-repellency. In addition, fluorine has anti-fouling capabilities by the means of water-repellency and oil-repellency. It prevents the adhesion of dirt, insects, pollen, yellow sand and also enabling the removal of snow and frost in the winter. BRILA Window protection has a water contact angle of 110º, which enables a clearer field of vision which is maintained in torrential rain. Our testings have shown that running water has a contact angle of 17º – water moves effortlessly on the newly coated surface, thus allowing the driver to have minimal use of the windscreen wipers.


  • Water/Oil repellency: Fluorine will repel rain & grease
  • Strong durability: 6 times stronger than others
  • Clear view: Clearer vision in heavy rain at night time
  • Effective duration: 1 year warranty, for clear view and water repellency (maintain repellent even after the trial of using window wiper 600,000 times)
  • BRILA Graphite coating is applied on the wiper rubber to avoid judder.

Our coating system works for you

Windscreen wiper test
*test conditions
Windshield wipers treated with a graphite pen similar to that of a (lead pencil), were attached to the testing apparatus – the windshield wipers were moved across the test piece at a loading of 150g, while water was sprayed on the surface.

High water-repellent capabilities

Durability of fluorine

Unlike silicon glass coatings on the market, fluorine glass coating has an excellent durability which is created by forming a chemical bond without binders on the glass surface. In a wiper wear acceleration test, after 600,000 window wiper passes, water-repellency had a contact angle of 80º and it was maintained. Our coating system has anti-wear capabilities three times longer than other coatings.

Anti-fouling capabilities

The oil-resistant capabilities of fluorine prevents the adhesion of oil to the glass surface, eliminating glare on the front windshield on rainy nights. A clear and safe field of view is maintained because of it’s water-repellency, BRILA coating system also helps to reduce water spots seen on most cars.