Understanding the meaning of hydrophobia in wheel surface protection

BRILA wheel protection ensures a “hydrophobic” effect, which means it easily removes brake dust and has a high heat resistance of up to 1,300℃, with an inorganic glass protection that is effective for up to 3 years. “The hydrophobic effect is the observed tendency of non-polar substances to aggregate in aqueous solution and exclude water molecules.

The word hydrophobic literally means ‘water-fearing’, it describes the segregation and apparent repulsion between water and non-polar substances” –Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrophobic_effect. The water contact angle of the BRILA Wheel Coating protection is smaller than 10° – it’s a super hydrophobic surface. Water on the coated surface does not form droplets, but spreads and infiltrates under the dirt and releases the dirt from the surface. Furthermore, splashing a large volume of water allows the dirt to wash away. This phenomena is called the “self-cleaning effect”.

BRILA wheel paint protection is designed to combat any elements that contributes to dirt build up and corrosion in alloy wheels, grime and brake dust – the coat ensures your wheels stay looking newer for longer. The inorganic silica glass film of BRILA Wheel Coating contains no organic matter, does not degrade under U.V rays or heat, and is also not affected by acid rain. The wheel coating eliminates the polluted droplets, unlike our other products. When the vehicle brakes, the heat that occurs has an extremely high temperature, and may reach up to 800°. However, the heat resistance temperature of the wheel coating can withstand 1300°.

Instant Effects

  • Hydrophobic effect: Easy to remove brake dust
  • High Heat Resistance: up to 1,300℃
  • Strong Resistance: Inorganic Glass Protection
  • Effective for up to 3 years

The wheels of vehicles operate under extremely harsh conditions. High speed driving, brake dust, dirt, water and tar are continuously being exposed to the wheel surface.

Hassle free living

Easy cleaning effects which BRILA exclusively created.

The hard and smooth glass coat prevents the adhesion of dirt.

BRILA wheel coating protection – as with body coating, adopts the inorganic glass coat fast. Hard and smooth properties of the coat creates a fluid and even surface on the wheels and insulates it.

Long term durability

The inorganic silica glass coat of the BRILA Wheel Coating is not degraded by UV light, heat and acid rain. Other Wheel Coatings with organic materials cannot compete with the long lasting durability.

High Heat Resistance

Heat generated by braking, can reach temperatures of 1500 (Fº), 800 (Cº). BRILA Wheel Coating can withstand temperatures of 1300 Cº, creating a surface that brake dust cannot embed into and protects your wheels from severe harsh environments.