A truly Inorganic and premium glass coating system unlike any other protection system on the market.
BRILA’s double layer structure offers full protection that promotes rapid hardening of the coat – 10 times faster then that of existing products.
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BRILA wheel paint protection is designed to combat any elements that contributes to dirt build up and corrosion in alloy wheels, grime and brake dust – the coat ensures your wheels stay looking newer for longer.

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Major effects
Safe for Children: Passed EPA (strict US Standard) see EPA ATP.
Anti-bacterialization: Protects from over 2038 kinds of harmful bacteria and mould
Effective for up to 3 years ensuring a clean and safe environment.
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The oil-resistant capabilities of fluorine prevents the adhesion of oil to the glass surface, eliminating glare on the front windshield on rainy nights. A clear and safe field of view is maintained because of it’s water-repellency, BRILA coating system also helps to reduce water spots seen on most cars.

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Our Products


BRILA has tested our products thoroughly and have found the best method of practice for the application. Starting from our first generation we have continually researched…

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BRILA REDLINE Affordability BRILA Redline Body Coating is aimed at providing an alternative in cost, but gaining the most value out of choice – BRILA Redline Body Coating…

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BRILA Wheel Coating ensures a “hydrophobic” effect, meaning it easily removes brake dust and has a high heat resistance. The hydrophobic effect is the observed tendency…

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BRILA Blueline Window Coating Blueline Window Coating maintains a quality protection to the glass surface – the coating serves as a system that creates a strong water…

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